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Recommended Reps and Tempo

    Hey everybody.  So another week is in the books and what a week it was!  I was able to share a lot of great moments with clients and members alike and it has me excited about what the upcoming week has in store.  As more and more people get further along in their training regimens it forces them to confront a vital training principle, "How many reps should I be doing?".  I hope that the following blog helps answer the question that seems to be on so many minds.

Recommended Reps and Tempo:

Training Goal                                          Velocity/Speed
Endurance/Stabilization (12-25 reps)           Slow
General Strength (8-12 reps)                      Moderate
Hypertrophy/Growth (6-12 reps)                  Moderate
Maximal Strength (1-6 reps)                       As fast as you can with control
Power/Neural (1-6 reps)                             Explosive

    Interesting tidbit:  In a study, novice weight lifters were allowed to select weights they thought would improve their muscular strength on various pieces of equipment.  The group selected weights that were too light to induce any gain in strength or size. For those of you who already train with me, you know how I can go on about how much I hate to see people working so hard engaging in activities that are ineffective for reaching their goals. Let's make sure that going forward we are focusing on not only working hard, but smart too! 


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Rob on Monday, March 12, 2012 9:21 PM
Where would getting toned go in the list? What be the reps and the tempo?
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