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Myth #3

The message of this next article is simple.  Eat better if you want to realize the aesthetic results you're after.  I can't tell you how many people I see in the gym performing endless abdominal exercises in pursuit of the ever elusive six-pack.  Sadly, they are either misinformed or unwilling to make the necessary lifestyle modifications regarding their diet.  Many of these people then become frustrated with their lack of progress or become overwhelmed by all the routines they have tried.  Now is the time to realize that your diet and nutrition has an indisputable connection to your health and wellness, as well as the aesthetic results you desire.

Myth #3: More abdominal work will get you a "six-pack".
What you should know: You can't see through fat.

    Everyone has a six-pack, the muscle is known as your rectus abdominis or "abs" for short.  For most of us, it's hidden beneath a layer of fat.  No matter how tight, "toned", strong or big your ab muscles get it's the fat that prevents most of us from seeing our six-pack.  Training can increase the size and firmness of your abdominals, but you will not see a change in the appearance of your midsection.  So remember, if your goal is to "tone up" or increase the muscle definition of your tummy, then the largest improvements will likely come with a reduction in body fat.


  • Fitness or Fiction - The Truth about Diet and Exercise, Copyright 2011. Brent Brookbush

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Lauretta on Monday, February 13, 2012 9:46 PM
Yes , I believe you are correct. That's why i chose to work with you. I 've seen results quicker in a few short weeks. For years i've tried everything books, magazine articles and info commercials. It's all hype. You truly need a professional to help you get the results you need. For a flatter stomach and stronger core. Thank you.
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