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Myth #1

For me the importance of identifying myths that are widely accepted as truth within the community at large and then being able to provide the science based information to debunk them is monumental.  I'll be dedicating this particular blog to pointing out common misconceptions and providing you with the truths that shall in fact set you free.  

Myth #1: No Pain, No Gain.
What you should Know: That's Bull!

    Two factors that keep a beginner from coming back to the gym: muscle soreness and the perception that resistance training must be hard to get results.  You do not have to be sore to get results.  In fact, constantly increasing the volume of your training to continually make yourself sore can lead to overtraining and a reduction in performance.

    In two studies comparing the rate of perceived exertion and load, lower weights with higher reps were perceived as easier than training that involved the use of heavier weights with lower rep ranges.  Lighter loads, those allowing from 10 to 20 repetitions per set, are effective for creating gains in strength and muscle mass in beginners.  Why not start your training routine with lighter loads and higher reps and slowly increase the weight as you become accustomed to resistance training?

    Interesting Tidbit: Stretching, Yoga, and proper cool-downs have been shown to be effective in reducing soreness.


  • Fitness or Fiction - The Truth about Diet and Exercise, Copyright 2011. Brent Brookbush

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